How can you incorporate fitness into your lifestyle?

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Every 1st of January, many people made the same New Year’s resolution under the fireworks – to be more active for health reasons. Unfortunately, many people have forgotten their resolution and continue to lead a sedentary lifestyle.


Incorporating fitness into your lifestyle is no easy feat. We know that life happens. Everyone is busy working, spending time with friends and family, doing household chores, etc. As we are adulting, there is very little time we can set aside for fitness.


Nonetheless, all of us at Healthful recognize the importance of being physically active. Let us share some tips on how to start exercising!

Why should you exercise more?

According to the World Health Organisation, a sedentary lifestyle increases the mortality rate. Those who lead a sedentary lifestyle are at double risk of getting cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and diabetes. Physical inactivity also increases the risk of colon cancer, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and lipid disorders.


Exercising can help combat cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. As you exercise, your cholesterol level will decrease. On top of that, you will raise the “good” cholesterol (High-density lipoprotein cholesterol) and decrease the “bad” cholesterol (Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol) through exercising. The HDL cholesterol picks up excess cholesterol and sends it back to the liver to be broken down and removed. The LDL cholesterol on the other hand accumulates within the walls of your blood vessel and causes blockage. 


For diabetic patients, exercise increases your body’s ability to produce insulin which helps control glucose in the blood.  


Wait there is more! Exercising can help combat anxiety and depression as well. When you exercise, your brain releases feel-good endorphins such as endogenous cannabinoids. These natural brain chemicals can help enhance your sense of well-being. Not only that, but exercising is also a healthy way to cope with problems, it distracts you from your worries.


There are so many benefits of exercising, which is why we advocate for a healthy lifestyle. 

How can you be more active?

It is not easy to lead an active lifestyle. Not to worry, we will share some tips on how to gradually incorporate fitness into your lifestyle.

  1. Start slow and build up gradually
  2. Every little step counts. Start slow and build up the intensity of your exercise as your stamina improves. Do not start with high-intensity exercise as you might overexert your body. While exercising, do not forget to give yourself ample time to warm up and cool down.

  3. Choose a sport you like
  4. If you do not enjoy your workout, it might not be sustainable for you in the long run. Try to explore different workouts to see which one works for you. Once you find a sport that you like, stick with it and be consistent.

  5. Walk whenever you can
  6. You do not have to specially make time to exercise. All you need to do is to walk more in your daily life. Instead of taking public transport or driving to your nearby supermarket, travel by walking. It is not healthy to sit at your desk all day, do take a short break, and walk around the office.

  7. Do it with your friends and family
  8. You are more likely to be more motivated with friends and family. If you are unmotivated, your friends and family members can pull you back on track. If you do it alone, you might not be as motivated. Moreover, everything is more fun with more company, isn’t it?

 Your fitness journey starts today

Studies have shown that exercising does make you happier and healthier. So why not give it a try? We hope that our article can help you kick-start your fitness journey. Remember, every little step is a huge step towards healthy living.

We hope reading this article, you can fulfill your fitness goals.

Stay healthy and positive!

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